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  • Door Time: 8:00 PM
  • Show Type: Funk
  • Restrictions: 21 & over
  • Where: Boom Boom Room 1601 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA 94115




Inspired by Talking Heads Music and their own. In the summer of 2013 a group of Portland, Oregon musicians got together around the love of Talking Heads music. Especially that of the epic 1984 concert film, Stop Making Sense, which they consider to be the most brilliant concert film of all time. They began to perform with a 7-piece lineup that was inspired by thatparticular movie and time period. “There was so much funkiness, movement, and excitement to the music inthat movie and we just knew it would get people excited and feel fresh” says Lawrence Orleck, founder and singer in the band. Audiences keep coming back to see LDW. Not only for their exuberant interpretations of the legendary Talking Heads, but also for their original music, improvisation, choreography and the random experiences
they deliver at every one of their shows. In a matter of 2 years they were playing to sold out shows all over the
west coast and found themselves with the question: “What’s next?” The upcoming EP – Movement in a spirited manner. Vol 1. For LDW, every performance matters and needs to evolve, and, it’s that mantra, that has them in the studio recording their first vinyl EP, Movement in a spirited manner Vol 1. “We were so inspired by playing David
Byrne’s music for 3 years that we found ourselves in the studio writing this EP and it just naturally fit into our
set. That’s our evolution and trajectory. But, yes, we still play a ton of talking heads because, plain and simple,
it’s fun.” The new EP is Vol. 1 of a three part series of EP’s that LDW plans to release. “The album format is so flexible
these days and, frankly, a bit irrelevant so we decided to just do these two sided vinyl EP’s with 4 songs each.
This first one will be coming out February 2018. We named it Movement in a spirited manner because for the
last 3 years we have been enthralled with the excitement and motion of our fans. They get down, big time.”
Lawrence muses.  Stop Making Sense performances “We also thought it would be an incredible adventure to put together, periodically, the actual Stop Making Sense performance. It’s a concept that starts with ostensibly no stage setup and out comes David Byrne with a beatbox and and an acoustic. The stage slowly builds to a full performance as the players and gear ebb onto the stage – until a mid show climax with Byrne in a giant suit. It's great fun to honor the performance that was the nucleus for this project.” The band is performing Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads, and Original Material in premier venues around the country.



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  • Life During Wartime

    Life During Wartime

    Life During Wartime (LDW)

    Portland’s Life During Wartime band offers an authentic tribute to Talking Heads. In honor of the 30th anniversary of one of the most innovative concert films of all time, Stop Making Sense by the Talking Heads, eight local musicians came together to form Portland’s very own Talking Heads tribute band, Life During Wartime. 

    “We wanted to re-create the live experience of a Talking Heads performance,” says Lawrence Orleck, the group’s founder, who performs as David Byrne. “Talking Heads created some of the most adventurous, original and danceable music of the 1980s post-punk era and we wanted to give audiences a taste of that excitement.”

    Life During Wartime boasts some of the most talented musicians in Portland. Lawrence Orleck, from NYC, is the group’s David Byrne, providing the manic energy central to the Talking Heads experience. While nailing the vocals with an infectious enthusiasm, Orleck is an accomplished performer who jogs in place, runs around the stage and executes the kind of mad theater that always made the Talking Heads a unique live show. 

    Dave Smith is the bass player for the band. He’s played on over 50 records – Much of it with world-class musicians from bands like Prince, Santana, Lauryn Hill, Marcia Ball,  Lady Gaga, and Tony Bennett. He’s written hundreds of songs with dozens of bands, including Blondie. 

    The multi-talented George Sanders is on keys as Jerry Harrison, as “any other instrument we throw at him,” Orleck notes. “I just love the unique super funk quirk that George’s playing brings to the band. He makes me smile.”

    Megan Ullman and Taylor Stapleton are LDW’s back-up singers. “They are amazing choreographers and singers,” noted Orleck. “They just dove in and before you know it we had staging and blocking notes and that’s what you need to pull off this tribute. Their energy is palpable.”

    Chuck Warda plays the Alex Weir role and his infectious, funk stylings keeps the band driving and locked in.